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A message from BGSG chair, Camilla Hawthorne:

I am very excited to be a part of the Black Geographies Specialty Group community. Allow me to introduce myself to you. I am a critical human geographer and interdisciplinary social scientist broadly interested in the racial politics of migration and citizenship, inequality, social movements, and Black geographies. My work sits at the intersection of critical public policy studies, diaspora theory, Black European studies, and postcolonial/feminist science and technology studies. 

I received my PhD from the Department of Geography at UC Berkeley in 2018. I currently serve as Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at UC Santa Cruz. I am a principal faculty member in UCSC’s Critical Race and Ethnic Studies program, and an affiliate of the Science & Justice Research Center and the Legal Studies Program. My teaching is focused on race, immigration and citizenship, political economy, space and inequality, and social theory. 

If you would like to learn more about my areas of focus and my service commitments, please visit: https://www.camillahawthorne.com/

I, along with the BGSG team, welcome you to participate in our journey. I look forward to upcoming collaborations and partnerships with the aim of expanding understanding of the experience of Blackness.

BGSG Mission

To create a global platform for: (a) promoting study of the social, political, cultural, economic, and ecological aspects of the race in/and geography, (b) encouraging critical reflection on the issues, processes, intrinsic qualities, and interconnections that shape Black lives and geographies on local, national, continental, and international scales, (c) exchanging research and teaching ideas among scholars of race in/and geography, and (d) building greater ties between geographers and the Black and Africana Studies community.

Updates & Announcements

BGSG at the 2021 AAG
We are thrilled to share with you a list of events for the 2021 AAG (starting tomorrow!!!) that are sponsored by the BGSG.  All times are in PDT

A viewable calendar of all the sponsored events is here

A downloadable calendar for iCal is here

And you can register for the Annual Business Meeting (no AAG registration required!) here:

The Annual Business Meeting is on Thursday, April 8 at 12:30PM PDT/3:30 PM EST

Stay Tuned

For the BGSG Mentoring Initiative…..details TBA


to the newest BGSG Executive Board Members!

Dr. Camilla Hawthorne , University of California-Santa Cruz, Chair

Willie Wright, Rutgers University, Vice-Chair

Muriel Marseille, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Communications Director

April L. Graham-Jackson, University of California, Berkeley, Student Rep

BGSG Writing Group

In an effort to provide a supportive mechanism for graduate students as they tackle the dissertation process, the Black Geographies Specialty Group is launching a Graduate Writing Group. This is an opportunity to create an intellectual community where participants can network, collaborate, provide critical feedback, and grow professionally. The benefits of a writing group are numerous. A writing group: fosters peer mentoring, provides emotional support, develops personal accountability, bolters strong academic writing skills, and hones good communication skills. Meetings will be held virtually at an agreed upon frequency.

The sign up period has ended. Thank you to all those who will be participating. Enjoy your writing journey!!

You may direct any questions, comments, or suggestions to Muriel Marseille at: marseil2@uwm.edu.

For more information on Writing Groups, visit here.

Innovation and the Annual Conference-AAG 2021

BGSG at the 2021 AAG