(anti)Blackness in American Metropolis (Audio)

(anti)Blackness in the American Metropolis was hosted in Baltimore, Maryland November 2-03, 2018 by Drs. Willie J. Wright, Adam Bledsoe, Yousuf Al-Bulushi. The gathering was meant to address the expression of (anti)Blackness in American cities and to bring together conversations in Black Studies and urban geography. Thanks to the generosity of Brian Williams and Akira Drake Rodriquez of AntiPod, the podcast for Antipode, some sessions were recorded and have been made available for a wider audience. Conversations are also available via twitter by searching #BlackMetropolis.

Please direct questions regarding these sessions and the symposium to: urbangeographysymposium@gmail.com


(Dis)placement and (Dis)possession

Dominic Moulden (ONE-DC)
“Radical Cartographers and Radical Organizing: Mapping Black Resistance to Displacement, Disposability, and Dispossession”

Akira Rodriguez (Univ of Pennsylvania – School of Design)
“The Limits of Black Feminist Representation in the Neoliberal Politics of Public Housing”

Brandi Summers (Virginia Commonwealth Univ – African American Studies) “The Corner: Spatial Aesthetics and Black Bodies in Place”

Municipal Movements and Public Policy

Akil Bukari (MXGM-Jackson)

Noel Didla (City of Jackson)

Arekia Bennett (Executive Director, Mississippi Votes)

Laboring and Surviving in the City

Kafui Attoh (CUNY – Urban Studies) “Uber’s Racial Strategy and Our Own”

Katie Wells (Georgetown Univ – Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor) “From Entrepreneurialism to Uberization: Urban Governance in the Age of Apps”


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