Black Geographies Specialty Group Mutual Aid Resource List

Greetings to all in the BGSG Community,

We are enraged and shocked (hopefully, into action) as a result of the virus that is governing our lives, and the devastating and long-term effects it will have on the most precarious members of our communities. Over the last couple of weeks, there have been virtual dance parties, teach-ins, and webinars to nurture us and to prepare us for the time when we are able to step out into the world and within 6ft. of one another. We trust that we will take this period to engage in political education and to prepare for that future time and the challenges that await. In an attempt to be of service in this moment, the BGSG has created a list of various mutual aid efforts occurring across different topics and regions. A number of fundraising efforts have emerged, and some folk have taken to sewing masks for healthcare workers and others in need. If you know of someone sewing masks in your area, consider offering unused fabric. If you possess the skill, join them. That said, we encourage those on this listserv to add to this document any ongoing mutual aid efforts/initiatives — most included in this document include editable google documents that are updated in community, by community.




Please let us know how we can support you and your community at this time.


Yours in Love and Solidarity,

The Black Geographies Specialty Group Executive Board


What Is Mutual Aid? (video)





COVID-19/At-Home Mental Health Resource List:


COVID-19 Related Thoughts For Faculty:


Useful Mutual-Aid Projects in Response to COVID-19 / Experience from Chinese Volunteers in Response to Coronavirus Crisis:


Form Letter: A Neighborly Invitation Regarding Coronavirus


CHICAGO-based organizers gathering a list of clergy members, death midwives/doulas, therapists, social workers, and healers who are here to offer some support by phone or video conferencing:


NYC United Against Coronavirus Resource kit:


Corona Couriers – a volunteer-run group of cyclists providing free-of-charge,

no-contact deliveries in all NYC boroughs: ||



UNC / Chapel Hill area resources:

Crisis Relief at UNC Mutual Aid Fund


Forum for those in Chapel Hill area with trade skills/services. Must apply for membership into this google group

Food Not Bombs 919: is accepting donations and offering drive up service, Saturdays from 4:30 – 5:30 at Night Light in Chapel Hill. Requests and donation offers can be via google form.


A get-you-through playlist (please add your ideas):

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