AAG Specialty Group Chairs’ Response Letter to AAG Diversity Initiatives

September 14, 2020  Dear AAG Council, Executive Committee, and the broader AAG Membership,  We are writing to express our concerns about the AAG’s Internship Assistance Program, Diversity Task Force, and their engagement with/treatment of the chairs of ‘diversity’ specialty groups. We are writing this open letter with the aim of increasing the AAG’s transparency andContinue reading “AAG Specialty Group Chairs’ Response Letter to AAG Diversity Initiatives”

BGSG Declaración Solidaria con el Movimiento BLM

Esta declaración denuncia la forma en que la supremacía blanca de la vigilancia policial se persiste igual que siempre. El Grupo Especializado de Geografías Negrxs condena la violencia rutinaria de la vigilancia policial en los Estados Unidos, donde el número de personas asesinadas por la policía se extiende más allá de 1,000 personas cada año.Continue reading “BGSG Declaración Solidaria con el Movimiento BLM”

Minneapolis Syllabus (Dr. Adam Bledsoe)

With thanks to Dr. Adam Bledsoe, Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Minnesota, for compiling and providing permission to share, this reading list on Black politics, space and policing in Minneapolis is urgent reading for these times.   Minneapolis Uprising Syllabus This bibliography is intended to offer background to how Minneapolis became aContinue reading “Minneapolis Syllabus (Dr. Adam Bledsoe)”

Black Geographies Specialty Group’s Call for Transformative Racial Justice

This statement is an indictment of the business as usual that has proceeded in the wake of persistent white supremacy through policing. The Black Geographies Specialty Group condemns the routine violence of policing in the United States, where the number of people killed by police continuously extends beyond 1,000 people each year. We mourn theContinue reading “Black Geographies Specialty Group’s Call for Transformative Racial Justice”

Congratulations to the Newest BGSG Executive Board Members

Congratulations to Dr. Camilla Hawthorne, Muriel Marseille, and April Graham-Jackson! The Executive Board would also like to thankDr. LaToya Eaves for all of the hard work and effort that was put into making the Black Geographies Specialty Group the community that it is. Please also consider nominating yourself or someone else for the position of ViceContinue reading “Congratulations to the Newest BGSG Executive Board Members”